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Profiling of the kinase-binding capabilities of an aminopyrimidine analogue detected in a cellular screen of the St. Jude small-molecule collection led to the identification of a novel series of FMS-like tyrosine kinase 3 FLT3 inhibitors. In vitro pharmacological profiling demonstrated that compound 5e shows characteristics suitable for further preclinical development.

Figure 1. Lead series analogue 1. IC 50 and EC 50 values are reported as the mean of triplicates. Values for CI 95 are included in Table S3. On the basis of assay conditions, IC 50 values below 6 nM cannot be accurately measured.

Figure 2. Figure 3. Inhibition of FLT3 signaling by compounds 5e and 6k. Western blot analysis was performed on the FLT3 immunoprecipitation eluent or the whole-cell lysate using the indicated antibodies. Experimental procedures for ADME and MTD studies; additional experimental procedures for synthesis and characterization of compounds; additional synthetic schemes for preparation of intermediates; KinomeScan analysis for compound 1 ; growth inhibition data against the BJ cell line for all compounds; FLT3 inhibition and MV cell proliferation data, including CI 95; solubility and permeability data for selected compounds; cellular permeability and PGP efflux assay data; in vivo blood chemistry data after i.

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Hepatocellular carcinoma HCC is one of the most common malignant tumors in the world, ranking fifth in global tumors, and its mortality rate is the second highest among malignant tumors 1. The outcome remains poor due to a high postoperative recurrence rate 2—4. At present, the diagnosis of HCC mainly depends on imaging examination and serum marker screening.

The main serum markers are alpha-fetoprotein AFPabnormal prothrombin, and phosphatidyl proteoglycan-3 and the like 5. Therefore, it is imperative to explore better serum diagnostic markers.

Using these technologies, the analysis of tens of thousands of molecular targets has become affordable and operable. Currently, numerous circulating markers and tissue markers have been identified 1012— For instance, we recently identified a plasma microRNA panel, which has considerable clinical value in diagnosing early-stage HCC Circular RNA is a new member of endogenous noncoding RNAs, which are characterized by covalently closed loop structures 15 Recent studies have found that a large number of circular RNAs play important roles in lung 17breast 18gastric cancer 19 and HCC 20— Circular RNAs are insensitive to ribonuclease and are more stable than other linear RNA molecules due to the special circular closed structure 1516 The strategy was to screen differentially expressed circRNAs through microarray in a discovery phase, then narrow the candidates down in a training phase, and the selected circRNA was finally evaluated in a validation phase.

In total, participants admitted to Zhongshan hospital between January and December were enrolled in the study. The participants were allocated to three phases Figure 1.

The investigational protocol was approved by local institutional review boards, and informed consent was obtained from all participants. Basic information and blood samples were collected. The inclusion and exclusion criteria were as follows:. Healthy group: i had the medical checkup at Zhongshan hospital, ii healthy condition without malignancy. HBV-related liver cirrhosis: i with HBV infection, ii liver biopsy diagnosed by two experienced pathologists or diagnosis must be supported by two image reports ultrasound B, computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging.

HBV-related HCC patients: i with HBV infection, ii diagnosed by two experienced pathologists, iii no pre-operative chemotherapy, radiotherapy, transarterial chemoembolization or ablation. The characteristics of the participants Table 1 were well balanced among three cohorts discovery, training and validation. There was no significant discrepancy in the distribution of age, sex or tumor characteristics. Plasma preparation and RNA isolation was performed as previously described RNA integrity was assessed by electrophoresis on a denaturing agarose gel.

Sample labeling and array hybridization were performed according to the manufacturer's protocol Arraystar. Then the hybridized arrays were washed, fixed and scanned using the Agilent Scanner GC. Agilent Feature Extraction software version Quantile normalization and subsequent data processing were performed using the R software limma package. Hierarchical clustering was performed to demonstrate distinguishable circRNA expression pattern among samples.

Hsa-miR was used as the internal control Primers were listed in Supplementary File 1 available at Carcinogenesis online. Statistical analysis was performed with SPSS The Mann—Whitney unpaired test was used for the comparison between HCC and control cirrhosis, hepatic cyst and hepatic hemangioma After homogenization analysis of the raw data of the chip, the results showed that the 15 samples were homogeneous Supplementary Figure S1Aavailable at Carcinogenesis online.

The results showed that 16 candidates exhibited low abundance in plasma and were therefore not suitable for clinical detection. We performed Sanger sequencing verification on the six candidate circRNAs. The results showed that the product sequence is singular and identical to the circRNA reverse splicing sequence in the circbase database Supplementary Figure S1Bavailable at Carcinogenesis online.

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You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. Circular RNAs circRNAs represent a class of covalently closed RNAs, derived from non-canonical splicing events, which are expressed in all eukaryotes and often conserved among different species.

We previously showed that the circRNA originating from the ZNF locus circ-ZNF acts as a crucial regulator of human primary myoblast growth: indeed, the downregulation of the circRNA, and not of its linear counterpart, strongly reduced the proliferation rate of in vitro cultured myoblasts.

To deepen our knowledge about circ-ZNF role in cell cycle regulation, we studied its expression and function in rhabdomyosarcoma RMSa pediatric skeletal muscle malignancy. Regarding p-Akt, we were able to show that circ-ZNF acts by counteracting p-Akt proteasome-dependent degradation, thus working as a new regulator of cell proliferation-related pathways.

Since in these cells the p53 gene resulted downregulated, with a concomitant upregulation of its cell cycle-related target genes, we suggest that this could account for the lack of circ-ZNF effect in ARMS. CircRNAs are eukaryotic transcripts produced through a peculiar splicing reaction back-splicingwhich causes the circularization of one or more exons. Having such a shape, circRNAs are typically very stable molecules [ 3 ], a trait which has captivated a broad interest concerning their possible molecular activity.

To date, despite the large number of identified circRNAs, the study of their mechanism of action remains largely unexplored. Moreover, quite diverse functions have been described so far for the few species studied: some molecules were shown to bind microRNAs, possibly acting as decoys or modulating their activity and localization [ 24567 ], while others were reported as RNA binding protein scaffolds or decoys [ 89 ] or even to have protein coding ability [ 101112 ].

So far, many circRNAs have been shown to be involved in cell cycle progression and several studies have focused on their role in abnormal proliferation of cancer cells. Overall, it seems that circRNAs could be a promising class of molecules for the better understanding of cancer progression, and thus have been studied in different cancer types [ 13141516 ].

Moreover, Guarnerio et al. We recently reported a knock-down based screening of circRNAs expressed in human myogenesis [ 10 ]. The knock-down of 25 targets followed by a detailed phenotypic characterization yielded one interesting molecule, circ-ZNF, expressed in growing myoblasts and whose depletion resulted in the alteration of cell proliferation.

In this paper, we focus on the biological function of circ-ZNF, describing its impact on myoblasts gene expression. Furthermore, because of circ-ZNF ability to promote myoblast proliferation, we studied its expression, function, and effects on the transcriptome in rhabdomyosarcoma RMSa pediatric skeletal muscle malignancy.

It is a heterogeneous tumor, originating from mesenchymal precursor cells which express skeletal muscle markers but fail to complete a proper differentiation program [ 1920 ].

In children, RMS is conventionally classified in two main histological subtypes, the embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma ERMSmore frequent and precocious, and the alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma ARMSwhich is associated to specific genetic alterations and has a generally worse prognosis due to its scarce response to treatment [ 1819 ].

Furthermore, its depletion globally affects genes related to cell cycle and cell division in the ERMS subtype, blocking cell proliferation at the G1-S cell cycle checkpoint. Then, transcriptomes of human primary myoblasts from two independent knock-down experiments were studied by means of ribosomal depleted total RNA sequencing RNA-Seq. Gene expression-based clustering of samples showed that control siRNA-treated cells and specific siRNA-treated cells have clearly distinct expression profiles Figure S1B.

These genes are listed in Table S1. We then performed a functional enrichment analysis of downregulated and upregulated genes. The Biological Process GO terms enriched among the downregulated genes were mostly associated with cell cycle and mitosis, in agreement with the cell cycle arrest observed upon circ-ZNF depletion Fig. On the other hand, an interesting association between the upregulated genes and GO terms related to the innate immune response and the interferon IFN signaling pathway Fig.

However, IFN genes were not altered in their expression Table S2thus suggesting that the activation of the downstream genes can be independent from the IFN signaling and may be directly involved in cell cycle regulation, as already reported [ 21222324 ]. We used qRT-PCR to validate a set of differentially expressed genes in three biological replicates of the knock-down experiment Fig.

These data were consistent with the RNA-Seq results. As shown in Fig. Since circ-ZNF is involved in myoblast proliferation, we focused our attention on RMS, a solid malignant tumor of the skeletal muscle. These observations may suggest that circ-ZNF plays a role in sustaining the aberrant proliferation rate of RMS cells. These findings suggest that the mechanism underlying such altered expression is likely related to the transcriptional activation of the gene.

The specificity of this signal was proven by its disappearance when cells were treated with si-Circ Fig. As control, the use of a probe specific for the linear counterpart indicated a higher number of cytoplasmic spots Fig.Studies in Natural Products Chemistry.

Recommend Documents. Studies in Natural Products Chemistry the production of numerous bioactive metabolites is fascinating [5]. Alpinia oxyphylla nd. Streptomyces sp. Purified compounds were observed to be active against the. Allosteric Modulators The hydrogel. Studies in Natural Products Chemistry A. Menon, X. Li, P. Stieg, J. Yuan, J. Penney, A. Young, J. Lu, L. Tian, Y. Han, M.

Vogelbaum, G. Stark, Proc. Inoue, S. Kyo, M. Fujita, T. Enomoto, G.

circ. n. 122/d, 73/s, 15/a

Kondoh, Cancer Res. Kim, I. Lee, J. Seo, M. Jung, Y. Kim, N. Yim, K. Bae, Phyt.

circ. n. 122/d, 73/s, 15/a

Washington State. The crewmen became ill after eating mussels. Natural Products Chemistry. The chemistry of isoindole natural products. The PLS t1-t2 scores plot of the resulting model is shown in Figure 6. Natural Products from Ethnodirected Studies: Revisiting the

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